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Waiting by theofryeyanos Waiting :icontheofryeyanos:theofryeyanos 5 4
Stay Determined
if I could walk up to the horizon
and take a left turn
and if I looked in just the right place
I could see all the sailed-away ships
with all the people left to better places
to me, it looks just like a graveyard
I'll get to one of those sunken-ship graves eventually
yeah, eventually,
'cause now I'm stuck at the harbor
and I've missed so many boats
forgotten to check the schedule
so many times
sometimes so depressed from missing the last one
that another thousand leave
and I don't even notice
so many boats
so many missed opportunities
and yet
in that deepest corner of my mind
that I don't even know how to access
it all fills me with determination
I don't know if I can believe it
no, I don't even know if it's true
or if it's real
I only know what it tells me
imagine what it could be like
to step inside one of those ships
to look back and see
that no one came along
that it's just you
and your heart can sing louder than your mind can take it
and no one will even hear
:icontheofryeyanos:theofryeyanos 9 8
will power
will power
is a tricky thing
they say keep your friends close
and your enemies closer
some impulses are my greatest enemies
and they are so close,
    hiding inside my mind
yet seduce me into letting them operate
and will power
remains that friend
who drifts further and further away from me
but whose number I have written on my desk
as if someday I may call
and then when I do call
it's too late
I say, waking up and finding myself robbed my the demons in my mind again
so I warn you, traveller,
be quick to give will power a call
do not convince yourself that you will call later
will power is a good friend
that people like me visit too late
:icontheofryeyanos:theofryeyanos 3 0
Undertale by theofryeyanos Undertale :icontheofryeyanos:theofryeyanos 2 4 Undertale [WIP] by theofryeyanos Undertale [WIP] :icontheofryeyanos:theofryeyanos 2 2
Don't Die
ever since I could
   manipulate letters in my head
   to form coherent thoughts
I wondered what those white things above me were
   shining so bright
   pulling so close
yet they were always just out of my reach
but I had hope as long as I believed
   that up there somewhere
   someone could touch them
   and hold them like children
the years passed
I grew older
I hoped I'd never have to face
   what was coming to me
years kept passing
I had my highs
and I had my lows
I had my hopes
and had my dreams
I had my rage
and had my grace
but I always looked up to the stars
they would guide me along
on the off-leading trail of life
sitting by the stars
   I could almost touch them that morning
and then someone told me they weren't real
that we could never see them
that we were stuck here in this underground city
I kept looking up, pretending I couldn't hear
dreams were unwise and dangerous, they told me
:icontheofryeyanos:theofryeyanos 2 13
Mountains Beyond Mountains by theofryeyanos Mountains Beyond Mountains :icontheofryeyanos:theofryeyanos 2 4 Lost in a Familiar Place by theofryeyanos Lost in a Familiar Place :icontheofryeyanos:theofryeyanos 2 4
I don't believe in angels, I said
he told me I didn't have to believe in angels to see them all around
you'll understand later, he said
I never saw him again
I think he was an angel
:icontheofryeyanos:theofryeyanos 2 2
sitting in the park by theofryeyanos sitting in the park :icontheofryeyanos:theofryeyanos 3 9 One of Us by theofryeyanos One of Us :icontheofryeyanos:theofryeyanos 1 17 I'm Free by theofryeyanos I'm Free :icontheofryeyanos:theofryeyanos 2 14 someone ascends by theofryeyanos someone ascends :icontheofryeyanos:theofryeyanos 1 2
when droopy remembers
we will all walk to the creek
   to sit down and die
sealing our fates, singing of our namesakes
   for a world that knew not nor cared
when droopy remembers
we too will remember
   of love and of life
of what we told him
   and of our crimes...
   of how he forgot...
oh why is it
that memory could be such a pain
and oh why is it
that we must pay for what we did so long ago
oh why is it...
if only we could tell droopy
that it all was a mistake
   but that would be a lie
if droopy was not such a lovable soul
   maybe we wouldn't have to let down our lives
:icontheofryeyanos:theofryeyanos 0 3
A Clouded Mind by theofryeyanos A Clouded Mind :icontheofryeyanos:theofryeyanos 1 2 Pixel Art by theofryeyanos Pixel Art :icontheofryeyanos:theofryeyanos 3 2
here's my most recent art!


The Art In Artifacts by wwsalmon The Art In Artifacts :iconwwsalmon:wwsalmon 4 1
what do you belong to? she asked, and i said everything:
i belong to suntans and skinned knees,
to hot chocolate on summer days and popsicles at midnight,
to crossing continents in patchwork quilts of afternoon trains,
listening to violins on repeat,
playlists that turn rainy days into misty mythology come alive.
i belong to the ocean,
to mountaintop views that should be impossible,
waves that break down the backs of cliffs,
moments where the ground falls away, straight down, sheer drops,
but the birds ride the waves higher, open wings open arms, seagull magic,
moments when the wind wipes your mind clean and makes you new.
i belong to the in-between,
that hopeless space between eternities and earthworms
where hearts do nothing but break and bend and swell,
where we exist best between failed attempts at reaching the sun,
where we find our cheeks wet with saltwater at the sound of suspended major chords
or the kaleidoscopic light show of northern skies
or cathedrals with ceilings of bril
:iconstraybutterflies:straybutterflies 3 1
VFD logo by allisonpasbjerg VFD logo :iconallisonpasbjerg:allisonpasbjerg 7 5 Mother's Day Card by allisonpasbjerg Mother's Day Card :iconallisonpasbjerg:allisonpasbjerg 8 6 a hand i drew in french by bloodless1234x a hand i drew in french :iconbloodless1234x:bloodless1234x 2 5 Parable of the Olive Tree by Justyn16 Parable of the Olive Tree :iconjustyn16:Justyn16 8 7 Blue and Green by AlexTobyTeam Blue and Green :iconalextobyteam:AlexTobyTeam 4 3 Commets  by littlemissscarface Commets :iconlittlemissscarface:littlemissscarface 3 1 Win10 Writing App Concept by wwsalmon Win10 Writing App Concept :iconwwsalmon:wwsalmon 17 12 Half Delta Rune Background by allisonpasbjerg Half Delta Rune Background :iconallisonpasbjerg:allisonpasbjerg 2 10 Enfield Sketch by allisonpasbjerg Enfield Sketch :iconallisonpasbjerg:allisonpasbjerg 9 5 Pigeon by allisonpasbjerg Pigeon :iconallisonpasbjerg:allisonpasbjerg 11 6
Thought Poem 1
i often wonder what there is
and why there isn't
and what it all means
and think to myself:
why is there deeper meaning
and why is there meaningless fluff
and why do they seem to balance
at times that make the least of sense to me,
but the most of sense to the unknown forces
that tug at our heartstrings
and prod at our minds
seeing what we mean
for we define them as they define us
:iconallisonpasbjerg:allisonpasbjerg 2 3
Stark. by KalmaKamala Stark. :iconkalmakamala:KalmaKamala 1,557 160 Mountain sound by Aenami Mountain sound :iconaenami:Aenami 286 9 Loop de LoL by call-me-Hk Loop de LoL :iconcall-me-hk:call-me-Hk 393 52
here's some cool art to check out!


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7- Give you a nickname.

8- Tell you what am I doing right now.

9- Tell you what food/flavor/smell you remind me of.

10- Dare you to do one of these in your journal too, if you haven't already.

(dared by Zero Icon by allisonpasbjerg)
  • Listening to: silence
  • Eating: baked in brooklyn pita chips (highly recommended)
  • Drinking: water

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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
hello person/non-person :meow:

my name is Theo and I have recently gotten into making art!

here are some facts about me:
- I live in and go to school in NYC
- I love you in a friendly way!
- I promise that you are a beautiful person in every way!

oh and also if you do/don't like my art and want more cool artists then check out some of the people I watch below :D


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Banana by Lozovoto-zaice :wow: Llama jump by Droneguard :headbang: :llama: :headbang: Llama jump by Droneguard :wow: Banana by Lozovoto-zaice

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If a coconut falling from an 80 foot tree is traveling at about 50 MPH when it hits the ground please give me a shorter tree

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